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Welcome To Our Burnaby Practice

Welcome to Zeus Dental! We’re happy you’re considering us for all your dental needs.

Our clinic is conveniently located 2 minutes away from Metrotown, placing us at the center of Burnaby. Our guiding mantra is to treat every patient like we’d treat our own family. We work hard to ensure that your visit is calm, relaxing, and fun. On top of that, our dental team is incredibly skilled, consisting of over 40 years of dental experience, and we’ve treated tens of thousands of patients just like you!

We’re happy to welcome you into our warm and relaxing dental clinic! Call to book an appointment today!

General Checkups

Dental Implants


Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Orthodontic Care

Preventative Dentistry

Constant plaque and tartar build-up can eventually result in decay, cavities, tooth loss and disease if not cleaned regularly. This is not just aesthetically compromising – it’s unhealthy for your overall health! Once tartar strongly bonds to enamel, often only a dental expert can remove it. Our teeth cleaning includes a complimentary scale, polish, floss and fluoride rinse to eliminate stubborn stains and bad breath.

A half-yearly teeth cleaning in Burnaby can help avoid complications of long-term tooth problems that emerge from consistently bacteria-ridden or unclean teeth. Our deep cleaning makes sure that your gums and roots stay clean and strong to fight infection.

Tooth Whitening

Enamel changes colour for multiple reasons, some of which include aging, genetics, illness, injury to teeth, use of tobacco, excessive fluoride during teeth development, and contact with stain-causing food or drinks over time. Our professional teeth whitening in Burnaby whitens your tooth discoloration to get rid of the stains. Post-inspection, we’ll recommend specific whitening methods depending on the condition of your mouth, as well as the duration and frequency of the treatment. We cater to both vital (teeth with roots) and non-vital teeth (those without roots).

Cosmetic Dentistry

The dentists at Zeus Dental take a conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry. Our goal is always to save the natural teeth when possible, but when more extensive work is required, we go over all the details — including costs, long-term viability, and restoration options — so you can decide which procedure is right for you and your smile.

Dr. Gamini and Dr. Safari are proud to offer an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry services, including no-preparation veneers, porcelain veneers, CEREC one-appointment crowns, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and more. With the right cosmetic dental procedure, we can make your dream smile a reality.

Root Canal Therapy

Also known as endodontic treatment, emergency root canal therapy involves the removal of inflamed or infected nerves and dental pulp due to consistently cavity-ridden teeth or a damaged dental crown. After the pulp is removed, a dental filling is often inserted.

Dr. Peyman is an incredibly talented root canal specialist, having treated over 2000 root canal patients. If your teeth are badly decayed or infected, he’ll help fix them as quickly and as painlessly as possible. He uses modern dental equipment to check inside your teeth and remove the infection efficiently, all the while focusing on your need for comfort and relaxation. Ask your Burnaby dentist about root canal therapy at your next check-up.

Dental Implants

Implants are made of titanium, and you can rest assured that you will not suffer from an infection. Our high-quality implants replace missing dental roots and support replacement teeth. Placed into the jawbone below the gum level, we insert a metal post that acts as a replacement for the root of the tooth. They’re incredibly comfortable, and our expert staff makes them indistinguishable from the rest of your natural teeth. Implants also offer excellent support to dentures. Our Burnaby dentist will discuss the most suitable treatment for you after an initial consultation.

Crown and Laminate

Have you recently undergone root canal treatment? Are any of your teeth broken, chipped, or discoloured? If so, ask your Burnaby dentist about dental crowns! If you leave a tooth to decay for too long, you’ll eventually require a crown to maintain structural stability. Crowns can also be used for aesthetic purposes – if one of your teeth is chipped or discoloured, crowns can hide the imperfection and add to your beautiful smile. Our dental clinic in Metrotown does both. You can choose from various types of crowns available as per your budget.

Meet Your Burnaby Dentists

At Zeus Dental Care, our Burnaby Dentists are genuinely concerned about your safety, care and comfort. We do everything in our power to ensure you have a calm, relaxing visit!

Dr. Bahareh Gamini


Dr. Peyman Safari-Pour


I had moved to Burnaby recently and was looking for a good dentist. I became a patient of Dr. Gamini in 2018, and have had several fillings, cleaning and restoration done by her and Dr. Safari. I must say that I couldn’t ask for more professional, trustworthy, compassionate and dedicated doctors and for more attentive, knowledgeable and accommodating personnel in the dental office. I’ve found that nowhere else in Burnaby. Dana is always a pleasure to deal with. Everyone in the team goes above and beyond to deliver quality dental services and to build long-lasting relationships with the patients. Well-deserved 5 stars! They are the best dentist in Burnaby by far!!
Nadia S.

All of the staff are very nice, friendly, and approachable. Every team member is doing an excellent job in ensuring the patient’s best experience at their clinic; they go above and beyond to make sure that I am comfortable during dental procedures. They are very dedicated and compassionate professionals that I am always happy to see. I would recommend these excellent dentists in Burnaby to anyone! 🙂
Teresa K

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